I'm Zara, the face of Zara's Films, having built my small business up from scratch since 2015.

I am a wife, a mum and  have always adored Photography and everything creative, meaningful and a little bit out there.

I decided to turn my dreams in to a reality of becoming a true creative once I left university in 2016 having studied and completed my BA HONS in Creative Media Production and Television, Radio & Film Production.


I am a Fully trained Portrait Photographer and have worked for a couple of school photography companies in the past as well as now being a fully established and highly recommended Wedding and Event Filmmaker.

When I am not at my desk editing or out and about filming and taking photographs, I love nothing more than enjoying the simple things in life. Fun adventures and chilled time with my family, long dog walks in the countryside, holidaying by the sea, soaking up sunsets and staring at the moon and stars in the evening. I also love indulging in good food and wine and attending a wide range of live events within music & theatre.

I am very in touch my my emotions, very perceptive and reactive to the world around me. I just love observing human behaviour and interactions and feel this is what really helps me to capture the extra special moments in my film making.


​I feel truly honoured to have been a part of so many incredible Weddings and Events over the past 6 years, having met all the wonderful people that I have and travelling all over the UK. I genuinely love what I do and every single film I make or Photograph I edit I really do pour all my heart and soul into them.

On the day I will be very relaxed and easy going, I have a long lense so I don't need to be in your face to get those amazing shots, so if you are camera shy or hate having a camera pointed at you like I do, rest assured you won't even notice I am there, unless you love being in front of the camera, then I will happily be your very own Paparazzi for the day!

 I shall be there to help you wherever needed and am very comfortable and confident to interact with everyone.

I hope that everyone who watched one of my films or looks through my Photographs really feels the emotion of that moment in time, even if they weren't there the moment it happened. For me it is all about capturing those heartwarming moments, all of the fun, all of the emotion and most importantly bringing the happiness and vibe of the day back to life.

Wedding Day's and life in general, fly by so quickly, this is what makes it so important to capture all your special moments in the most amazing way possible.


Alongside being a parent and a wife, I truly believe that this is what I was put on the earth to do...


"Beautiful, Unforgettable Moments"


That is what life is all about and I hope to capture what means the most to you